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Taking pictures has been a hobby ever since that first photography class in high school, so I jumped at the opportunity to start a small business. I now get to share my artistic spin on traditional portraits with all of you.  I am a published, natural-light photographer specializing in golden hour, lifestyle portraits. My work has been featured in local magazines and newspapers, so that is super exciting!

Basically, I'm just a social butterfly aspiring to capture and preserve snapshots from natural, lifestyle moments. Something about candid portrait settings and their unexpected outcomes purely fuels my passion for photography.

Special events and family gatherings (like birthdays, milestones and weddings) are the perfect opportunity for me to capture memories to last a lifetime. Whatever your style, whatever your vision... Let me bring to life something special for you with Lasting Details.

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Xo, Lauren

What you see, is what you get; I'm gawdy, goofy as all get-out and love anything turquoise!

"Let all that you do be done in love."

—I Corinthians 16:14